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We are a Pre-school in the village of Shrewton on Salisbury Plain. Near to the villages of Orcheston, Tilshead, Larkhill and Winterbourne Stoke. We are also near Amesbury, Durrington and Bulford.

Shrewton Pre-school Wiltshire

Our setting is in a classroom, which we rent from Shrewton Primary School.
Modern Facilities
Shrewton Preschool Wiltshire image
Shrewton Preschool Wiltshire image
The school is a brand new building, which is very child focused. It has very high security for the children's safety and is light, bright and welcoming.

We have use of the school hall for indoor physical development and we also have an early year's playground attached to our classroom for outdoor play.

Our children are also able to use the school library and other facilities around the school.

We are next door to the Reception Class, which helps in the transition of children who are going to attend Shrewton Primary School after leaving Pre-school.
Our Aim

Our aim is to make our setting one to be proud of. Shrewton Pre-school had a recent Ofsted Inspection and the outcome was ‘Good’.

If you have not had a copy please visit our Documents page where you may see a the report.