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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)
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Is it necessary to register a child at Pre-school?

Yes, you need to fill out a application form, then the Pre-school will place their name on the waiting list. You can register your child at any time but by their 2nd birthday is a good guideline.

The Pre-school Manager will then get in touch with you by letter or telephone the term before your child is due to start.

Can we visit the group before we make a decision?

We recommend that you come and have a look round. You can then take the opportunity to ask as many questions as you like, no question is too small.

It is important that you feel the setting is right for your child.

What happens if we want our child to join the Pre-school group?

We recommend at least two visits with a parent/carer to settle each child into a new group.

Each child is an individual and we understand some children need longer than others. Visits can be short, perhaps an hour or a little longer. This is your choice.

When can my child start Pre-school?

Children can start the term before their third birthday, the earliest would be when a child is 2 years & 6 months. Funding is not available until a child has had their 3rd birthday.

We have 2 places available for children referred to us by the local Children's Centres for Funded 2 year olds.

Our Pre-school has six intake dates a year, two in the Autumn, two in the Spring and two in the Summer. It is up to you if you would rather wait for them to start at a later date.

Although there are 6 intake dates, *NEG funding is only available three times a year, Autumn (31st August), Spring (31st December) & Summer (31st March).

We have an example on our Opening Times and Fees page.

Will they have to come every day?

No, we recommend that most children should start a maximum of two sessions per week. This will progress to four or five sessions when they are getting ready to start main stream school. The number of sessions can also depend on their age or if they have attended a setting before.

The decision is yours as you know your child best.
When you have made a decision about starting Pre-school, we will make an appointment for you to come in and fill out the entry profile forms. This will give us the information we need to know your child better.

We can also talk about any concerns you may have about your child’s well being, about their likes and dislikes. Your child can also have time to play and get to know some of the staff and children in the setting.

Your child is important! No question is too small; we are there to help.